Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I just turned 22 three days ago. It might not be the best birthday in the world but its definitely my one of my happiest moment in life. Ahh I'm getting a year older again. I should live life to the fullest and complain lesser because my life's spam are getting shorter and shorter as years goes by. Which means I need to party more and pampered myself more :D

Friday, May 22, 2009

MDG Season 2

This happened on last Friday at The Curve, Damansara. I have never been to event like this before so I suggested Carol whether is she interested to go. She agreed and so we went :) Since she know an insider of MDG, we get to have a free pass for each of us. Thanks babe!

So this is how the stage looks like. Heard it's much more smaller than the one from last year.The pagi show's crew from Fly fm, Phat Fabes and Ben entertaining the crowd before the show gets started.
Then some musical instruments to entertain the crowd which I think wasn't very entertaining though. lol
And here comes Elaine Daly and Wills as the host of the night
The MDG Season 2 contestant doing some catwalk show before the final announcement for the winner. I must say they all look different from the screen. And here's the famous Natasha who creates some drama inside the show. And gee, she really have a small waist. so small i think i can circle them with my 10 fingers. lol ok that was exaggerating but its very slim ok! Here's Dawn, putting up a bubbly smile the entire show.
And Juanita.. looking garang all the time
Pinky. I think she did very well in her catwalk :)
the contestants.. i did not photograph everyone of them though.. my camera's battery was running out that night T__T
the hot Ming in Pink
oh my, im really bad with names but i think this is Sasha and Maya. hehe
The top 3 hotties, Pinky, Dawn and Juanita.
Ming and Liana doing the Carlo Rino catwalk.
Here's Pinky. I wish i can have those leg. hahaJuanita looking confident. And Dawn, ahh the smile of hers :)
3 persaingan together. haha which is your fav?and i purposely took this picture. nah, everyone's fav Kenny Sia on stage. was it everyone's fav?Ming in this hot red gown. I think if she's taller, she definitely deserve to win.
Announcing the results.
And yeah, everyone should know by now, Juanita is the winner. I expect another one to win though.. lolx
Overall I think the show was ok. I don't know how is it compared to last year's but yeah its quite good I think. Owh, Carol told me there's goodies bag given to first 100 comers last year. We didn't get ours this time maybe cos we are late and we are not the invited guest. hahaha

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

20 Facts about e s t h e r

#20 Biggest procrastinator ever. Always a last minute person even though it is something very important. I believe old habits die hard. wtf

#19 Sometimes doubt if she is a girl because she doesn't know how to use a fake eyelash. *shy*

#18 Always complaining bout how fat she is but still eats non stop. That is why the attempt of losing the 5 kg never success. now you know :(

#17 Very sensitive. Sometimes, over sensitive.

#16 When she wants something badly, she will do #$%^&* to get what she wants. Otherwise she will gives you hell.

#15 Just realized she has an aunty personality because she gets all excited whenever she sees shop selling nice pots and plates >.<

#14 Gets angry easily but forgive easily. That explain how soft hearted she is >_<

#13 Always a 'shy shy cat' when she first met a person but gets all crazy and wild and monster-ress when she is getting along with them.

#12 Very thrifty in money wise even a meal that cost more than RM30 will makes her go crazy nowadays. Rather spend on shopping than food <3

#11 Hated when some people tend to look down on others and show no respect. Believe she will be more successful than those who once look down on her!

#10 Believe that words can't bring her down no matter how hurtful the words are.

#9 A true believer on what goes around comes around

#8 Well known as a nagging Queen. Can nag non stop until seafoods of the world knows her famous quote "Wa gak lu kong ah..."

#7 Can talk non stop for 24/7 but maybe only quarter of them make sense.

Always wanted to learn 3D Max to improve her 3D skills but is still procrastinating since zaman batu.

#5 Take things too seriously and worry too much. Always have the 'what ifs' in her mind. That is where the thoughts went wrong when there is too much of 'what ifs'

#4 Hates it when people told her she don't seems to have what it takes to be a designer. NO, you are so wrong -I ain't giving up- wtf

#3 Friends are very important in her life but how many are willing to be there? A question she always have.

#2 Still doubting whether or not to get a tattoo for herself. What if it looks ugly on me when I'm old? there goes the what ifs...

#1 Still as stubborn as before.

Omg this is so crappy I know but I'm bored during lunch hour break. Owhh and I realized its more on the ugly facts bout me :P

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Langkawi Day 2

Here comes my Langkawi Day 2 post.

I sometimes wonder am I really a true blogger or not. I am always soo freaking lazy to update my blog. But I also don't wanna shut down my blog cos after all it's with me for almost 4 years. How? To blog or to shut down? lolx... rite as if ppl care. I think this blog is important for me cos who knows when I get old, I can show my grandchildren my blog and goes "You see, your Popo last time is a blogger ok? Don pray pray" hahahaha no la its just smtg for me to keep as a memory eventhough there's not much reader. I sometimes do read back my older post and LOL bout it :)

Ok back to Langkawi. Day 2 are more on island hopping and beaches and food :)

# I saw some sexy lembus by the beach
# and a bitch
# the smell of the morning breeze are just so wonderful
# the spot for us to gather before the island hopping
# thats my joker
# speed boating # the gunung dayang bunting if i am not mistaken. look closely, its a shape of a pregnant lady. # i somehow love this picture ^^
# some island. for me, it looks like the james bond island. hahah# Dayang Bunting Marble
# we saw Wilson and Terence when we are on the way to pulau dayang bunting! such a coincident! :)
# a cheap fish spa is available if you don mind giving ur flesh away to some big fish that looks like a catfish. lol
# the water here is very cooling but i did not get to swim cos of insufficient time # so i just rinse my leg lo :(
# next is eagle feeding. lots of birdies
# thats the best we can zoom. i think we needa get one zoom lense huh? rite rite? *ahem*
# this is pulau beras basah if im not mistaken
# the water are amazingly clearer than those i went before
# so clear i almost thought im in laguna beach. crap
# see even the sky are lovely <3
# leaving the island
# dinner at some thai restaurant. no more expensive food ok. 1st night was killing us already
# fried beef
# a very decent fried vege
# and crap crab
# ooo i love this shit. tomyam + coconut# a very decent dinner. with a decent photographer ( duh the waiter of course) who took lousy picture! T_T
# headed to some water festival by the beach# but then its full of locals.. not much tourist
# back to the hotel and gnite people
End of Langkawi Day 2. Aiyah so boring rite? please don't come again. wtf